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"Slytherin's Secret." (Theodore/Hermione, PG) [3.2/?] - Theodore Nott fans unite!

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March 28th, 2010

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02:40 pm - "Slytherin's Secret." (Theodore/Hermione, PG) [3.2/?]
Title: Slytherin's Secret
Author: the_woods_
X-Posted: 7spells , hprarepairs , theo_centric 
Rating: PG
Pairing(s): Theodore/Hermione, Draco
Summary: Some moments of truth.
Warnings: -
Word Count: 1,285

( Chapter One, Part One )
( Chapter One, Part Two )
( Chapter Two, Part One )
( Chapter Two, Part Two )
( Chapter Three, Part One )

Chapter Three, Part Two: ( He chuckled and imagined the looks on their faces upon seeing these elec-tris-sit Christmas lights from afar. The things probably look like charmed fireflies, dancing in the trees. )

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